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Moore Food Distributors, Inc and its predecessor, Mr. Service Produce, first began in 1987 when our founder, chairman and owner Al Moore started the company.

For the past twenty plus years our product quality and personal service have earned us the reputation as being one of the best suppliers to the food industry; delivering fresh bread, dairy products and the freshest fruits and vegetables from all over the world.

Moore Food has one of the most extensive produce inventories in the Midwest and is one of the largest independent produce and food service industry companies in this area.

Because of our diverse customer base, we purchase from several different regions in almost every product group, (Examples; potatoes from Wisconsin, Idaho, Washington; lettuce from California and Arizona). We are able to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices to meet their individual needs.

Our purchasing department has the capability of flying product in from all over the world from edible flowers, baby vegetables, to rare and exotic treats for the most discerning tastes. Moore's staff is constantly on watch for voids and surpluses in our marketplace, as well as new items and their applications, as we strive to satisfy the current and future  needs of our customers.

Invoicing and numerous other functions are performed by a sophisticated in house computer system. We are able to provide our customers with a variety of reports, based upon their purchase history. We also have the capability to offer custom designed reports to meet our customer’s specific needs.

An in-house consulting program is also available to assist our customers. We keep our customers abreast of industry trends, giving them new ideas for new menu items, suggesting labor reduction ideas and keeping them informed of the latest techniques for safe handling and processing of products.

Through videos, seminars and in person our sales and marketing staff we are always researching new ideas and concepts as well as products. Our job is to help our customers solve their problems and quantify their food needs while insuring that their operations remain aggressive and profitable.

Our core business is supplying fresh produce, bread, dairy products, dry goods,chemicals and specialty items. We have expanded our product lines to include frozen products, certain meat items, dry grocery and disposables.

We feel these additions enhance our product lines dramatically. Additionally we have the capability to source product and deliver it to the foodservice industry end-user with very short turnaround time.

Upon delivery to our facility, all incoming products are unloaded and placed directly into our refrigerated holding area, which is maintained at a constant thirty eight degrees.

Our quality assurance inspector then promptly checks the quality and internal temperature of the product. Once the product is inspected and received, it is immediately assigned a slot number notating time, date and source and assigned the appropriate cooler.

Delivery of all products is made with our fleet of modern refrigerated trucks with multi temp capacity and moveable bulkheads which allows us to keep product under the most desirable refrigeration ranges during transport.

Everyone at Moore Food Distributors, from the quality assurance inspector who receives the product to the courteous uniformed driver that delivers the product, is dedicated to being cost efficient and to providing you with quality products and time sensitive deliveries at competitive prices.