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Moore Food Distributors is proud to be a member of HACCP and has put into place the following protocols to insure quality and safety.
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 1. Identify the hazards and list preventive measures to control them.
2. Determine the critical control points.

 3. Establish limits at each critical control point.

 4. Establish procedures to monitor the critical control points.

 5. Establish corrective action to be taken in case of a deviation.

 6. Establish procedures to verify all systems are working correctly

 7. Establish effective record-keeping


Our establishment is located, constructed and maintained according to sanitary design principles.There are linear product flow and traffic control procedures to minimize cross-contamination from raw to cooked materials.

Supplier Control.

Our facility assures that its suppliers have in place effective GMP and food safety programs.These are the subject of continuing supplier guarantee and supplier HACCP system verification.


All of our products have written specifications for all ingredients, products, and packaging materials.

Cleaning and Sanitation.

All procedures for cleaning and sanitation of the equipment at our facility are written and followed. A master sanitation schedule is always in place.


All employees receive documented training in personal hygiene, GMP, cleaning and sanitation procedures, personal safety, and their role in the HACCP program.

Receiving, Storage and Shipping.

All raw materials and products are stored under sanitary conditions and the proper environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity to assure their safety and wholesomeness.

Traceability and Recall.

All raw materials and products are lot-coded and a recall system is in place so that rapid and complete traces and recalls can be implemented when a product retrieval is necessary.

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